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ONOMY Group intended to bring together all researchers and clinicians those who have NanoMedicine as primary interest to make healthier livelihood. Therefore, we encourage researchers to join us to exchange the knowledge. Our objective is to provide more comprehensive research reports and highlights by esteemed scientists and renowned professionals.

We honored to invite you join us as guest editors to organize Special Editions, thematic issues. If your research expertise falls within the scope of the journal you may open and edit special edition. The guest editors are requested to send us the following information to update our websites and promote the events.

  1. 1. Special Edition Title
  2. 2. One page Aim and Scope of the Special Edition and topic coverage
  3. 3. Complete CV (Including complete list of publications, contact details)
  4. 4. One page biography
  5. 5. Recent Photo graph

  • * Guest Editors are requested to provide the above information to the editorial office.
  • * Handling Editors are free to decide the timeframe of the special edition, thereby, editorial office may provide an appointment letter which should be signed.
  • * Guest Editors reserved the rights to select the papers and reviewers
  • * Editors are requested to ensure the quality of the content and standard peer review process.
  • * Minimum of 7 papers are required to publish the special edition which include an introductory editorial from the handling editor.
  • * Editor are requested to make a note to the Editors-in-Chief atleast before 60 days, if the deadline extended.
  • * Guest Editors are requested to mention the financial conflict/interest, if any.

Book Publication

Authors are welcome to publish their books and book chapters. Interested authors may contact the publisher therefore, publisher will provide all terms and conditions, policies and royalties etc. Book Authors are requested to provide the following to the editorial office.

  1. 1. Book Title
  2. 2. Preface of the book
  3. 3. Book review article (will be published in the journal and promote the book)
  4. 4. Author Biography
  5. 5. List of Books Published
  6. 6. photographg

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