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Peer Review Process

Advances in science and medicine are news headlines and public discussions in these days. There are plenty enough organizations that are promoting and discussing science and research like societies, Associations and journals etc. Open Access journals are the revolutionary initiative in science promotion. However, it can be difficult to judge which research is fit for publication in a particular journal? How one can avoid fake publication? Sometimes an original research may not fit in a scope of a journal? How do we know what to believe? To avoid these conditions and make science fair, a system called "Peer Review" has been introduced.

Peer Review is a scrutiny of submitted manuscripts to a scientific journal by experts of the field, which make a decision on a paper. About science we strongly believe that Peer Review is an essential process of scientific quality. ONOMY Open is an open access Peer review journal publisher, which has serious commitment to popular science in such a good manner by independent, qualified, expert and external peer review process. This may useful to upholding the journal standards, improve quality of publication, provide credibility among scientific community.

Selection of Reviewers

Since, the selection of an independent reviewer for a submitted work is primary concern to the journal publisher or editor; therefore, ONOMY Open reviewer selection policies are highly appreciated and accepted. Corresponding handling editor or Editors-in Chief will suggest the Potential reviewers.

Reviewer Decisions

We believe in ethics, especially in science publication, decisions of Peer-reviewers should be respectable. ONOMY Open Policy in acceptance or rejection of submitted work is based on reviewers' suggestions and editors' decision.

Reviewer Relations and Conflicts

We recommend standard peer-review process which is internationally accepted for Open Science publication practices. Reviewers are encouraged to submit their decisions against submitted work irrespective to region of the author(s) and relations with author or editor. To avoid potential conflict of interests, if any, reviewers are requested to notify the editor or editorial office before they are submitting their decisions.

Publisher Role

We feel that the publishers' role in peer review process is limited and placed after reviewers and editors. ONOMY Open publishing or production team role is limited and to communicate and share the information among author(s), editor(s), and Reviewer(s). Editorial office or production teams are not encouraged to be involved in peer review process. ONOMY Open declares no financial conflicts to disclose with reviewers, but reviewers will be acknowledged with credits and letters.

Reviewer Invitation

The selection of reviewers is a difficult task to the publisher or editor, to avoid such problems we encourage researchers to join us as a reviewer. We believe that strong review board can be helpful to improve the quality of publication of any journal. We are glad to invite you to join us.

Note: Selection of Reviewers is a continue process, two expert editors from the board will select and finalize the reviewers if your research interest falls within the scope the journal. Publisher interference is limited.

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